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The Los Angeles Amateur      Radio Club

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Whiskey 6 Pacific Coast Hiway #1







The Los Angeles Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1975 by a group of California radio amateurs. At this time, the 2019 officers for the club are:

Lorraine Curry               KM6IGX           President

Ton McCampbell           KM6RNG         Vice Pres

Rosalie Preston              KK6VOD          Secretary

Barry Fitchew                N6VOH             Treasurer

La Vern Carter               KJ6OSV            Sgt @ Arms

Some members of the LA ARC are also members of OMIK, the ARRL and WARFA.  The LA ARC meets  on the first Sunday of each month at 2 PM pacific time. The LA ARC holds a radio net on 144.430 FM simplex with a PL of 186.2 at 8 PM pacific time every Saturday nite. This Radio Net is listed in the ARRL Clubs List as of 1979. The LA ARC has a open repeater on 440.880 with a Pl of 127.3 with call sign of W6PCH. The LA ARC is using the Johnstone Peak repeater for club use. The club is getting some new communication methods for use. We will provide info later.

If more info about the LAARC is needed, contact KD6OLH via his call book address. You can also use  www.losangelesarc.org   



STUDENT under 21 = $10/YR


 LAARC's Special Events

On January 19, 2015 the LAARC didn't provide support for the LAPD at the Kingdom Day parade. The parade was televised on channels 7 & 34 in LA. This is the first time the club was not asked to support the parade. The club will try to provide support next year if possible

On January 20, 2014 the LAARC provided communications support for the Los Angeles Police Department at the Kingdom Day Parade. This support was named The MLK Parade Amateur Radio Support Group. The parade was televised on channels 7 & 34 in LA. There were six (6) Hams that worked the parade route as supplemental "eyes and ears" for the LAPD. Four Hams were rovers, with one ham in the CP as interface with LAPD and one Ham as the NCS. As before, rovers were posted on the street in various places, with the NCS in the center and the interface in the CP. The LAARC hams stayed on duty until the parade disbanded. There were no incidents to report. The LAARC has been providing this type of support for many years and will continue too do so as required. The club thanks all hams for the chance to support the local community. KD6OLH and LAARC members.

On January 19 2013, the LAARC provided communications support for the Los Angeles Police Department at the Kingdom Day Parade. The MLK parade was also televized on chanel 7 in LA The LAARC provided seven(7) hams for support. Five hams were rovers, one ham in the CP as interface with LAPD, and one ham as the net control. As before, rovers were posted on the street in various places, with the NCS in the center and the interface in the CP. The LAARC hams stayed on duty until the parade disbanded. There were no incidents to report. The LAARC has been providing this type of support for many years and will continue too do so as required. The club thanks all hams for the chance to support the local community. KD6OLH and LAARC members.

On January 16, 2012, the LAARC provided communications support for the Los Angeles Police Department at the Kingdom Day Parade. The MLK parade was also televized on chanel 7 in LA. The LAARC provided four hams as rovers, a net control, and a WC interface for the LAPD. The rovers were positioned on various spot along the parade route with the NCS in the center and the interface in the WC trailer. The parade went well without a hitch. Club personnel stayed on site until the parade disbanded. This was our 15th time for MLK support.  The LAARC has been providing this type of support for many years and will continue too do so as required. The club thanks all hams for the chance to support the local community. KD6OLH and LAARC members

On January 17, 2011, the LAARC provided communications support for the LAPD at the Kingdom Day Parade. The MLK parade was also televized on chanel 7 in LA. The LAARC provided seven hams as rovers, a net control, and a WC interface for the LAPD. The rovers were positioned on various spot along the parade route with the NCS in the center and the interface in the WC trailer. The cllub also had a Remote base on-line for translating 2 mtrs. to 440 mHz and back. The parade went well without a hitch for the most part, except for a slight 'heat exaustion illness'. A ambulance was dispatched and the person was assisted. There was also assistance provided by a police ham in the WC.  The LAARC has been providing this type of support for many years and will continue too do so as required. The club thanks all hams for the chance to support the local community. KD6OLH  and LAARC members

The LAARC has been asked by the OMIK secretary Moody, WQ6I to help man a radio amateur display at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Aerospace Conference. The conference will be held at the LAX Sheraton Hotel from Feb 5 thru 10 2010. As of this note, the LAARC may provide 2 or 3 hams to help man the display.

On Feb 6, 2010, KD6OLH and WZ6M helped the OMIK club to man their ham radio display at the NSBE conference from 0930 till 1430 hrs. About 100 students, (K thru 12) visited the ham display. 4 students had 3rd party traffic on the remote base thru computer to talk to other hams on the band. All the students enjoyed thier "ham" experence. WZ6M and KD6OLH recieved certificates of participation for their assistance. Check out the pix in the Photo Gallery by WZ6M. KD6OLH at the LAARC Meet.




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Jul 5, 18; Jul 12, 13; NCS was Carlton kk6gve. gud job Carlton. Jul 19, 17; NCS was Randy KI6WPY. fine job Randy Jul 26, 22;

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Aug 3, 24; Aug 10, NCS sick. Aug 17, 22; Aug 24, 23; Aug 31, 16;

Jul 6, 15; Jul 13, 11; K6OXJ ran the net..Gud job Lee. Jul 20, 17; Jul 27, 22;


Jun 1, 21; Jun 8, 18; Jun 15, 14; Jun 22, W6QET chkins 21; Jun 29, 12;


May 4, 18; May 11, 22; May 18, 15; May 25, 21;

Apr 6, 14; Apr 13,17; Apr 20,24; Apr 27, 27; 

Mar 2, 9; NCS N6VOH & W6SMT gud job Mar 9, 16; Mar 16, 17; Mar 23, 18; Mar 30, 18;

Feb 2, 17; Feb 9, 16; Feb 16, 9;Feb 23,10;


Jan 5, 14; Jan 12, 17; Jan19, 19; Jan 26,16 




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      Health & Welfare


It is with deepest regret that I share the news of the passing of Toni, Fred Johnson’s, KD6DKH, wife.Toni passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, July 25, 2015.  On behalf of all of us in the LA Amateur Radio Club, our heartfelt condolences are extended to Fred and his family.Fred, We want you to know that we all stand at the ready to assist you in any way we can. Services for Toni will be held at 1 pm on August 5 at 11251 Desert Lawn Drive, Calimesa, Ca  92320  909-795-2451.  Following, the Memorial reception is from 2:30-5:00 at the Plantation on the Lake Recreation Center, next door  (10961 Desert Lawn Drive).Fred’s contact information is:  27394 Family Circle, Sun City, CA  92586  Tel:  951-756-1868  Email:  kd6dkh@gmail.com  Reported by Jess on 7/27/15

I just wanted to say OMIK sent a wonderful flower arrangement.  Jess and his wife Aaron,Greg Nyx Esther and a few friends of mine that were hams attended my wife's services. Plus a member from Beaumont and Yucapia Radio Clubs. Her service was standing room only. We had about 170 persons at her Celebration of life memorial tribute after the service. She will truly be missed. Fred KD6DKH Reported by Fred on 8/6/15

Freds (KD6DKH) wife passed today. The club shares his sadness, and will provide more info when available. Reported by Stan (W6SMT) on 7/25/15 net.

Carlton (KJ6GVE) broke his collar bone and has lost the use of his right hand. YHe is pretty young so I'm sure he will heal in about 6 weeks. All club members wish him well and hope he will be up and about soon. Reported by Randy (KI6WPY) 5/2/15.

Pete (KJ6JQA) reported that LaVern is better and will be feeling much better since she got home. All club members wish her well and Pete is standing by her side. Reported by Pete 5/2/15.

 Fred (KD6DKH) has found a home in Mennefee and will be moving in soon. The club is glad he is getting settled in so he can get on the air soon. reported by Fred 4/24/15.

LaVern  (KJ6OSV) is in the hospital. Pete is spending time with her to make sure she gets well. Pete said she may be in the hospital for a while. We are all praying for her to get healthy as soon as possible. reported by Pete 4/24/15. 

Carlton (KJ6GVE) was in a motorcycle accident, but was not hurt too bad. Stan will call and find out damages and stuff. The club is praying for his safe return to  radio and his generally good health. reported on the net 4/24/15.

 Fred (KD6DKH) moved this week. Everything in storage. Staying in the RV for now. We are looking for a house. The move took everything out of me and my back even though I had 2 guys to do the moving and my brother. Reported by Fred 3/28/15

Archie was in the hospital again for his Supraventricular Tacyardia. He got some meds that will clear up his rapid heart-beat. reported by Archie 8//23/14

Bobs XYL has a broken ankle and is getting ready to have it operated on. Bob is playing Nurse, Cook, House cleaner, Grocery shopper and all the house-keeping stuff. Bob says "I got all that covered" and is probably doing a good job. All the club members and others wish him well and hope his XYL recovers soon. reported by Bob K6AII 8/16/14

Freds (KD6DKH) aunt passed on Feb 12, 2014 in Huntsville Alabama. The LAARC sends condolences to all family members. Our prayers are with the family. reported by fred via eml 2/12/14

Rit (Ritner Nesbitt, N4BNM) is SK as of 1/31/2014. RIP OM. All of his Radio Amateur friends in the LAARC will miss you!!!. Reported by N6VOH and W6LKT 1/31/14.

Marco & Lupe went to Lousiana for his sisters funeral on the fifth of January 2014. His sister is one year older than Marco. The funeral was well attended by family and friends and all went well. Lupe and Marco are back in Cali and resting well. Lupe said they would be at the meet on the 2nd of Feb. Reported by Lupe 22 Jan 2014. KD6OLH

Marty (W6FXH) a long time member had a auto accident sometime ago. He then had his eyes done. The car got fixed, but his eye is still ,not so good. Hes got a good car, but DMV won't let him drive yet, maybe later. He has been a  LAARC member for more than 50 years and a member of the ARRL for 40 years and has received his 40 year pin. He also has a LAARC pin. His knee hurts from Arthuritis so he can't fix his radios yet. (Reconnect them). Reported to KD6OLH 12/9/13....

Archie (KD6OLH) is attending a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab class w/ Balance YOGA with his  YL. He's learning to balance again and hopes this class will help him and his YL. The class is 4 hrs. each class for 3 days a week for 8 weeks. Wish him luck...Archie 

Cliff, (AC6C) reported that he got some BAD Sushi and had a  small case of food poisoning. He is feeling much better now. The club is praying that he has no after effects. Reported by Cliff on the net 10/5/13..

 Fred (KD6DKH) had some shots for his back pain. We all hope the shots will help ease the pain and that he gets to feel better soon Reported by Fred by eml, 9/14/13

 Arron (KJ6COI) was in a auto accident this week. We are all glad he was not injured and was feeling well at net time. Reported by Arron at Net Time 9/14/13

 Tracy Williams (SK) wifes mother in law has passed, sometime during the last part of July. I'll find out more at a later date..Reported by Tracy''s XYL  30, July 2013

  Perry K6SYW has a brother hospitalized in Palmdale and a father hospitalized in Redondo Beach. The club wishes they get well soon. Our prayers go out to those in the hospital. Reported by K6SYW 7/27/13 on the net

Archie  could not do the net on the 13th due to a small illness. He is good now and will resume Net duties ASAP. Thanks to Lee and others who helped run the net...Archie 

 Perry K6SYW has a brother hospitalized in Palmdale and a father hospitalized in Redondo Beach. The club wishes they get well soon. Our prayers go out to those in the hospital. Reported by K6SYW 7/20/13 on the net

 Willis (W6LKT) was hospitalized for not drinking enough.  He is out now and drinking plenty now and is doing well. You are in our prayers. Reported by W6LKT

Marco (W6PCH) The LAARC Club Founder, past President, Secretary, and Treasurer, was hospitalized at Kaiser to have a pacemaker installed last week. Marco is out of the hospital now and will be recuperating at a  hotel near Kaiser. Lupe, being the good wife that she is, has rented a hotel near Kaiser to facilitate Marco's care. Lupe is happy about the arrangement because she does not have to clean or cook or do anything but take care of Marco...They will be there until Marco is ready to come home  The LAARC hope Marco will have a speedy recovery..Reported by Lupe (KB6PPH), Barry (N6VOH), and Archie (KD6OLH).... 4/11/13 


Archie (KD6OLH) was hospitilized with a very fast heartbeat (Supraventricular Tachycardia ((SVT)) Brief) which is a abnormal heart beat of more than 100 beats per minute. The doctors found my Potassium/ Magnesium levels were low. Kept me in the hospital for 3 days, then let me go to do the NET on Saturday. Doc says i'm OK and to start takeing Baby Asprin. I did so i'll be OK..reported by kd6olh 3/10/13 


After more than 4/5 years I must say that maybe Fridays outpatient operation to help receive my extreme back pain, could be the start of a rode to recovery. It will take time. I'm just fortunate that another option was available. I have something else to look forward to. If things are successful and there is improvement then this procedure can be repeated as needed. The LAARC hopes you have a speedy recovery and get well ASAP...Fred J (KD6DKH) Reported by EML 1/27/13..


On November 14, 2012, KJ6RMG, Everett became SK. The Home-Going was celebrated on November 27, 2012. The LAARC will miss KJ6RMG

 Bill White's wife has passed. Bill White was a former member of the LAARC, now SK. The club extends its deepest sympathy to the family. Reported by Bob, K6VBI on Sat nite net 10/20/12

Donald Cain (NJ6Z) is now a SK. He has been the club secretary for about 25 years. Don served as President, Parliamentarian, and Historian. He will be missed.


 LEEs (K6OXJ) brother has passed. The webmaster and those who know him and the LAARC club members send there condolences on his passing. We all hope the family is doing well in this time of stress. Reported by Lee 2/27/12.

Bills (KM6RN) wife is getting better while in the hospital. The club members are praying for her qiuck realese from there and return home. reported by Stan (W6SMT) 12/31/11.

Don (NJ6Z) our secretary has had cataracts removed. He can't see very well and cannot drive at night. We all are praying for him to get well ASAP. Reported by Lupe and Nate. 10/4/11 and 10/22/11.

One of the LAARC'S founders, K6RD, Boyd Crawford is now SK. Details later. Reported by N6VOH 5/14/2011.

One of our Assoociate Members, Ester Glaze's mother passed on Sunday, Feburary 20, 2011. I don't know all the info. Will post it later. Reported by E. Glaze 2/22/2011

Our President, Marco (W6PCH) has been under the weather for a little while. He has had a fever of 101 and has congested lungs. He is now using a inhaler, but he will attend the March meeting. Reported by Lupe 2/22/11. Marco had a bad back ache last week. He is better now and will be at our meeting on 8/7/2011. Marco on the Sat nite net. 8/6/2011

Mr. Fred Johnson(KD6DKH) will be having spinal surgery in the near future. The club wishes him well and will keep all members posted of his condition as it progresses. Reported by Fred 1/28/11. Report from Fred (mr, picture man) is he has a loot of pain, but is managing it as best he can. The operation was deemed successful, but the 'patient' still hurts. All the club members are wishing him a speedy recovery. Get well soon Fred. reported by Archie 6/2/11. Fred (KD6DKH) had to be rushed to the hospitall with a temp of 104. Please keep him in your prayers. EML to Archie 8/6/2011. New info on Freds Wife. She went to the hospital with chest pains today. She is being checked out. Will know more later. Reported by KD6DKH 1/7/12 via EML.

Mr. Tracy Williams (KC6ZNV) is now a silent key (SK). He passed on Friday night, November 19, 2010. Our condolences go out to his family. Reported by Archie (KD6OLH) and T'ru (N2GOD) on the Sat nite 2 mtr net 11/20/2010

W6PCH (Marco) went into the hospital for a operation on Wed, Nov 18, 2009. He will be out on Wed 24 Nov 2009 and at home just in time for Thanksgiving. We all wish him well. Lupe by ph Nov 20, 2009. After a call from the Prez we have been told that he won't be home till Monday or Tuesday. His thanksgiving was spent in West Covina so he is mobile. He said he will be at the monthly meeting Dec 6, 2009 and hopes to see all there. Marco (W6PCH) Nov 27, 2009 by Ph. More info, Marco didn't get home until Dec 4, 2009. He is well and 'ready to roar' and will be at the meeting on Dec 6, 2009. W6PCH on Sat nite net.


W6ONI's oldest son, Paul Redd III passed Friday December 26, 2009. Our condolences are with the family. KM6RN on Sat nite net.

T'ru N2GOD went into the hospital on 1/13/2010 and was diagnosed with an inflamed pancreas. He stayed there until he checked himself out on 1/15/2010. He seems to be adjusting well, but says he must drink a lot of liquids. He says the Doctor said he could still drink coffee. Our prayers are with him for a full recovery. T'ru on the Sat nite 2mtr net 1/16/2010. N2GOD is not well at home. He got out of the sick bed to listen to the net. We all wish him a speedy recovery ASAP. T'ru on Sat nite net 30 Jan 2010. T'ru N2GOD says he is now fighting penumonia and will go see a doctor ASAP. Our prayers are with him for a full recovery. T'ru, N2GOD on Feb 6 LAARC net.

 According to T'ru(N2GOD) Tracy (KC6ZNV) went into the hospital last Monday 15th of June with leg pain. (Vascalar Problems in his legs). He's supposed to be out of the Hospital by the 22nd of June. We hope and pray he is well and getting better. 6/20/09 on LAARC 2mtr FM Simplex net. According to T'ru (N2GOD) Mr. Tracy (KC6ZNV) is retireing from amateur radio. T'ru said that Tracy can't hear very well and because of bad knees, he can hardly walk. As a very good HAM, Tracy was always the FIRST to check into the LAARC 2 mtr FM Simplex Sat nite net for many years. His checkins will be missed by all, and it is hoped he will be able to get back on the AIR soon. 7/10/2010 by T'ru on Sat nite net.

Our condolences go out to ROCO (K0ROC) on the loss of his wife a couple of days ago. Reported by K6VBI 5/13/10, N6VOH on Sat nite net, and WA6ILW via E mail. More info will be made available when we get some. KD6OLH NCS 5/23/10 Roco's wifes funeral will be held at 11:30 AM on June 1, 2010, at the Ingelwood Park Cemetary on Manchester Blvd just east of Prarie Blvd. Info by phone  fm Barry (N6VOH) and announced on the LAARC Sat Nite net 5/29/10 by NCS Archie (KD6OLH)

Our condolences go out to the family of Ted Sneed, WG6F who passed away on September 1, 2010; at the Loma Linda VA Hospital at 9:30 PM. Ted will be laying in state at:Stone Funeral Home. 355 E. 9th St. Upland, CA. 91786. Visitation is September 12 2010, between 5 and 8 pm. Services to be held on Monday, September 13th at: Mt. Zion Baptist Church. 224 West California St Ontario CA 91762 at 9:30 - 11:30 AM. Burial services are on Monday, September 13 at 1:15 PM Sharp at Riverside National Cemetery. 22495 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside Ca 92518. May he rest in peace. More info is at http://www.warfa.org/ and click on Health and welfare button. There's more info at http://omikradio.org/

Our condolences go out to the family of Rev. Melvin A. Straughter , KA6YEZ commonly called (Tony on the ranch) who passed away on 8/1/2010 at his home in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. His funeral will be held on August 12, 2010 at the FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH.   9116 SIERRA AVE. FONTANA CA. 92335. Viewing will start at 10:00 AM with services to follow at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. He will be buried at Riverside National Cemetary. The Arlington Funeral Home, 9645 Magnolia Ave, in Riverside CA. 92503, will be in charge of services. Tony will rest in peace. Reported by WQ6I Moody on 8/4/2010. 

According to KM6RN, Mario's (WS6C) uncle (N6OYA) is now SK. Info was passed to me on 2/21/2010 by KM6RN to 'Put the word out for all that remembers him'. We will have more info when we get it. Archie on the radio at 144.450, 2/21/2010. Mario (WS6C) has had a lots of real bad luck. First his uncle (N6OYA) passed and now his wife has passed. Robin will send me the information by e-mail on "when, what, where, and how". I'll post info as I get it. WA6ILF, Robin on 3/17/2010. More info...Mario's wife passed on Sunday, March 14, 2010. The viewing is on Wednesday, March 17 (St. Patricks Day) at Inglewood Mortuary at 1206 Centinela Ave. in the city of Inglewood Ca. from 4:00 PM till 8:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. The Mass will be at St. Johns Church at 546 E. Florence Ave on the corner of Prairie Ave in Inglewood Ca. After mass at 12:00 PM., she will be interred at Holy Cross Cemetary in Culver City Ca. God rest her soul... QST passed by (Robin) WA6IFL's E-mail on March 17,2010...

Warren, (KF6AVQ) just returned from Colorado after burying his son. The club sends their condolences. Reported by Warrren on  9/17/10 on Sat nite net.

Robin(WA6ILW) said a friend of his John in Brea(KE6RFI) is in the hospital with cancer. The club hopes he will get well soon and wishes him well. Reported by Robin 9/17/10 on Sat nite net. 

Horace (KI6AMG) has a ham who has been in the hospital for about 2 months. He just got out and is feeling better. We all hopes he gets better. Reported by Horace on 10/9/10 on the net.

Horace's (KI6AMG) mother went to her Homegoing last Wensday. She was 106. Horace has our condolances. Horace on LAARC Net 10/10/09....

 Mr. Tracy Williams, a past member of the LAARC, (KC6ZNV), has stated that he now has Cancer throughout his whole body. He is no longer on the air and has given all his radio equipment to T'ru (N2GOD). Tracy stated that the doctors have given him two (2) weeks survial time. Reported by T'ru and Archie (KD6OLH) and on the Sat nite net. 10/23/10.

Reo (KI6KGX) had a accident and is recovering nicely. He had bruised ribs and arms and other body parts hurt and totaled the car. He is back to work and doing better. Our prayers go out to him for full recovery... Reo on LAARC Net 8/22/09...

W0QNI, Bill, the WARFA NCS's wife went into the hospital for an emergency operation on Jul 7,2009. WARFA info states, she is doing OK at this time. Heard on WARFA Jul 9 2009. Bills wife is doing better now than she has been at any time. Heard on WARFA net 2 Aug 2009. Bill says his wife is being placed in rehab and she is eating real food now. Getting better all the time. 8/27/09 on 3.908 WARFA net.

(Earl who is the president of WARFA) is now out of the hospital. We don't know when he went in or why. We will check later to see how he is doing. Info from WARFA 4/19/09. WARFA info ON 4/21/09 states that N6ECE was diagnosed with Penumonia and was placed in the hospitial. As stated before, he is out and at home and doing good. Archie NCS. Earl is back in the hospital again. We don't know his condition or how long he has to stay in. When we get more info, we'll post it here Heard on WARFA 4-23-09 tonite. Archie KD6OLH.WARFA info states that the President of WARFA is still in the hospital and on Dyalisys for complications due to Pneumonia. He is on a Ventilator and does respond to some 'Nurses' commands. All of our prayers are with him and his family. Get Well Cards may be sent to his call book address or as shown on QRZ. AS of Sun 10 May 2009 from the Hifivers net on 3908 and the WARFA net, Earl is getting better. He's not out of the woods yet but both nets said he's better. Archie KD6OLH. New info, N6ECE is out of ICU. Latest info from WARFA Net. N2GOD said that Earl was still using a ventalator to breathe. T'ru said he'll pray for him to get well and become himself again. 5/16/2009. Heard on WARFA tonite 05/31/09 Earl has had a relapse. He is on Dialysis and on a resparator again. Every one is praying for him. Archie...KD6OLH, NCS LAARC. I/A/W WQ6I on LAARC Sat nite net, N6ECE is not out of the woods yet. He's back on the resparator and dialysis, and still has a hard time breathing while not on oxygen. Moody said the hospital is still trying to get rid of his penumonia. 6/13/09 on LAARC 2mtr FM simplex net. No new info abt N6ECE's condition as of Sat 11 Jul 2009...Archie KD6OLH. N6ECE is SK. See "LINKS PG OMIK link, WARFA link, HiFivers link" for more info....Archie N6ECE

According to the WARFA net, Norms wife fell and broke her arm. Our prayers are with her to get well soon. Norm has been a constant LAARC Net check-in for many years...Archie kd6olh. Diane, KC6FAQ, wife of Norm, WG6W, fell a few weeks ago and injured both shoulders. They found out that she will have to have surgery on both shoulders. This info I/A/W/ Moody WQ6I Added info from Norm on 3-28 net. His wife is home from the hospital and Norm is 'nursing' her back to good health. Awaiting more info from Norm...Norm stated that his wife is doing better. She is reminding him to check in on all his nets and telling him how to "make it" as a nurse. Norm says he wouldn't have it any other way. 4-11 on LAARC 2mtr net...Norm says, both he and his wife will be at WARFA. Norm and the team will be VE testing while there. I/A/W Willie on net 4-19 Sat nite. Norm's wife is getting better with "Nurse Norm's" aid and assistance. Norm is doing double duty in nurseing his wife and housework. Way to go Norm. I/A/W Norm on Sat nite 2 mtr fm Simplex net...6/6/2009...According to Norm, his wife is getting better and the doctors have given hersome more therapy for Norm to do. She is much better and getting well as we speak. Info from Norm on LAARC net Jul 11 2009, Norm is doing good duty as the "physcal therapist" for his wife. She is comming along well with his good attention and will soon be back to normal. Norm now knows what a great position wives have and how much they are needed to run everything. Keep up the good work Norm. By WG6W on the LAARC net 18 Jul 2009. Norms wife is doing fine now. She is not quite finished with rehab yet, but Norm is a good therapist for her. Norm will let us know when he can stop doing nirse duty...Norms wife had to return to the hospital again. She just got back home this past week. Our prayers are with her for a complete recovery. Norm on LAARC net 2/20/2010. Norms wife (KC6FAQ) is getting better with a lot of help from NURSE Norm. He stated that by using his skillls, he could get a outside job. On the Sat Nite net 8/7/2010.

Robin (KF6LIL) is doing a good job at retransmitting "Newsline". Give Robin a hand for his efforts....Archie..kd6olh Several checkins gave Robin some accolades for doing a good job with "Newsline". Robin is also playing The RAIN Report after Newsline. LAARC net Sat 11 Jul 2009. Robin is also trying to uplink the newsline reports into Mario's 220 repeater. When he gets it completed, we'll let you know the freq and PL. Robin (KF6LIL) has made a website that streams the LAARC 2Mtr Simplex Net on www.qsl.net/kf6lil . The site also streams AR Newsline while he is transmitting it. Very good Robin. 9/19/09. Robin got a virus on his computer and could not transmit ARNewsline. Archie fired up his laptop and did newsline for Robin. Robin does a better job. Archie on LAARC Sat nite net 1/23/2010. Robin has changed his callsign to WA6ILW. Good for you Robin

According to Perry, his father survived a fire in his retirement home in Inglewood. The Red Cross is finding shelter for the survivors of the fire.Perrys father also had a heart attack after the fire. He seems to be getting better as time passes. All prayers are with the family and friends...Archie kd6olh. Perry's father is back into the hospital with a heart attack. We will check on his condition at next net, or when Perry gets back on the air...KD6OLH 11 Jul 2009 LAARC Net. According to Perry, his father is now in a convalesent hospital prior to his returning home. We all wish him "God Speed for his complete recovery". K6SYW at the LAARC net Sat, Jul 18, 2009. According to Perry(K6SYW) his father passed on Aug 4, 2009. Perry has been a constant checkin on the LAARC's 2mtr. FM Sat nite net. Our prayers are with him always. Perrys father is fighting the Flu again. Our prayers are with him as he gets better. K6SYW at LAARC 2mtr Sat nite net, 1/16/2010. Perrys father is getting better and recovering from the Swine Flu. Perry K6SYW is having HIP replacement on Jan 27, 2010. Our prayers for a speedy recovery are with both. K6SYW on LAARC Sat nite net. Perry is at home and recovering well. He sounded a little hoarse on the net. He said he'll be at home till sometime in March for full recovery. Our prayers are with him. K6SYW at LAARC Sat nite 2 mtr FM simplex net on Jan 30, 2010.

One of the past members of the LAARC William Hill (WA6TMH) suffered a stroke this past Sunday? and is still in the hospital according to KD6LKT. We will have more info as it arrives...Archie kd6olh..Added info: William Hill is now at home according to Willie Paterson (WZ6M)...Sat nite net 3-7-09. Willis (KD6LKT) said he spoke to William and he thought that William has a problem concentrating. Willy (WZ6M) aggreed. They both will keep in touch and let the club members know what's going on...Added info at the meet 4/5/2009. 5/19/2009. It was reported that William Hill was at WARFA. He is getting better according to WZ6M - Willy



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